Transport to Harris Hotel 

Hussein Sastra Negara Airport
Its about 20-minute by taxi

Kebon Kawung Street Hall Railway Station
Its about 30 minutes by Taxi

The best way to getting around
Rental Service

The rental service offers driver-and-car packages starting at Rp 350,000 ($ USD 36.05) per 12 hours with an additional Rp 50,000 if you wish to go to neighboring cities. You can select from a number of cars, depending on how many people are going on the journey and whether you prefer a manual or automatic transmission vehicle. An option of renting cars only is available.

Angkot (Public Transportation)
Angkot, which is short for angkutan kota or public transportation, is definitely one of the cheapest way to get around the city but some travelers might not suggest this due to security reasons such as possible pick pockets and the poor maintenance of the vehicles.

Also, the driver might not be able to speak English.

But if you are adventurous enough, an angkot ride will certainly enrich your journey, as you will get to interact with the locals
first hand.

If you decide to hop on an angkot to explore Bandung, do take precaution and these safety tips:

Inform yourself about which angkot to take and where to board and to get off as there is no official stopping place. This means you can literally stop right in front of your destination.

Ask for specific landmarks to identify your stopping point.

Simply hail your angkot the way you usually hail a cab and simply say, “Kiri! “ (left), to let the driver know that you want to stop
and get off. This refers to the fact that the drivers have to veer to the left side of the road to stop.

Your fare may vary depending on your distance but it should cost you around Rp 2,000 – 5,000 per trip. You pay the driver after getting off the vehicle.

There are several taxi companies, whose vehicles can help you cruise the town.  My three personal favorites, however, are the following three because of their good services:  Taxi Putera, Cipaganti and Blue Bird.

These taxis are available for booking via phone. Do be specific about your pick-up point and remember to give them your local contact number -preferably cell phone- if you are ordering while you are out and about.

Your taxi fare might be very cheap and affordable so do tip your driver properly at around Rp 10,000- 15,000. And if you stop your taxi on the spot, ask them before boarding if they will use a meter. Go find another taxi if they refuse to use the meter with the exception of airport taxis because sometimes they set the fares based on your travelling distance.